Propeller Removal and Blade Maintenance
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1. Propeller Removal

To remove the propeller, release the safety locking clevis pin and turn the propeller nut in a counterclockwise direction with a conventional propeller bar until the propeller nut is free of the threads on the crankshaft.  Then remove the propeller in a conventional manner as there are no other attachments between the propeller and the engine.

2.  Blade Maintenance

(a) Field maintenance of blades consists of principally of repairing any scars or nicks in the plastic AEROLOID covering.  Such nicks and scars as developed may be repaired by using a Plastic Repair Kit, Part No. 2001, obtained from your local airplane dealer, distributor or directly from the Aeromatic Service Section, Baltimore, Maryland. Complete instructions are included with the kit.  It is recommended that particular care of blade surfaces be maintained in order to receive efficient propeller and airplane performance.

(b) Blades that have been in service for several years may show an apparent grain structure through the Aeroloid plastic covering.  This is due to the glue lines of the 1/16 inch laminated wood used in the blade construction and in no way indicates a defect or weakness in the propeller blade.

3.  Blade Replacement

Aeromatic blades are match-balanced in pairs.  One damaged blade can be rematched with a new one at any Aeromatic authorized service station or at the factory.  Due to special tools and equipment required, blade replace will be confined to service stations and to the factory.