General Description
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1.  General Description

The Aeromatic propeller is a two-blade variable-pitch unit which is entirely self-contained.

The single-piece hub of chrome-nickel-moly steel retains blades flanges on large ball thrust bearings.  A synchronizer gear between the blade flanges co-ordinates their movements. Adjustments for pitch range, balance and lubrication are all accessible externally.

Blades for the Aeromatic are made of thin lamination of maple or birch bonded with thermal-setting resin to provide a structure stronger than a natural wood blade.  AEROLOID plastic sheeting is pressure bonded to the exterior of the blade for protection against abrasion and moisture absorption.

Monel leading edge tipping is applied over the AEROLOID plastic to protect the leading edge of the blades.  Threaded ferrules are affixed to the blade butts by the standard lag screw method of blade retention.  The threaded feature allows the blades to be removed from the hub without disassembly.

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