Narco AT-150 Transponder


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1.1 General

In support of the Narco Avionics TSO'd AT 150 Transponder, this manual provides detailed installation, operation, and maintenance procedures.

"This manual is intended for use only by persons qualified to service equipment in this manual pursuant to current regulatory requirements."

1.1.1 Manual Organization

Organized into six major sections the manual provides the following:

Section 1 Introduction General information required in planning the installation.
Section 2 Installation Detailed procedures for performing the mechanical and electrical installation.
Section 3 Circuit Description Technical description of all mechanical and electrical circuits.
Section 4 Maintenance Provides test procedures and trouble- shooting methods.
Section 5 Replacement Parts List Provides exploded views of the Unit depicting the mechanical parts and certain electrical components. This Section also provides an alphanumerical listing of all the electrical components of the Unit.
Section 6 Schematics Circuit schematics with voltages, test points, and component drawings.
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