General Information
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WACO airplanes are usually sold for flyaway at our field in Troy, Ohio.  The airplanes, prepared for flyaway, are completed, carefully inspected, test flown, reinspected and held in our hangar until customer arrives for delivery.  Please note that it is a policy of our company not to build a surplus of airplanes for warehouse storage.  Your WACO airplane will be strictly new when delivered to you.

Factory Hours

Our factory is open from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. each week day until Saturday.  On Saturday we close at 12:00 noon and remain closed all day Sunday.  Wire orders should be sent as early in the day as possible to aid us in making immediate shipment.

Transportation Liabilities

The WACO Aircraft Company does not hold itself liable for damage to airplanes or parts in transit from the factory.  If a shipment is received in a damaged condition have the delivery man or transportation company make a notation of the damage and file your claim with the carrier.  In case of concealed damage, do not attempt to remove from shipping container or endeavor to repair, but call carrier and have claim agent inspect the damage before filing your claim with the carrier.


All shipments are checked and rechecked before leaving our stock room to prevent error and shortages.  A packing slip is enclosed with the shipment and claims for shortage must be made within three days after receipt of order.

Returned Goods

No material should be returned to us without first securing our written permission.  Material sent in without notice will be held at the owner's risk for 30 days and we will then dispose of it as we see fit.  A returned goods notice must be filled out for all returned materials.  Transportation charges must be prepaid on returned goods or the shipment will be refused.

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