EAA Airventure: Pioneer Airport
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Adjacent to the main museum is the Pioneer Airport, which is a grass strip and several hangars containing more historical aircraft as well as some homebuilt aircraft assembly space.  To avoid having visitors walk across the strip, a shuttle bus is provided from the museum to get to the Pioneer hangars.  The strip is used to provide airplane rides in one of several antique aircraft including a Ford Trimotor and a Stinson SM-8.

Ford Trimotor at the Pioneer Airport

The collection in the Pioneer Airport was scattered about the various hangar buildings and was more like a real airport than a museum.  Most of the aircraft appeared to be flyable, and the airplanes used to give rides were stored in the same hangars.  There were numerous aircraft worthy of note, and storage for other stuff like wings and unique antique engines. There was a special building with details on Steve Whitman's life and aviation career which is interesting to homebuilder historians as well as air racing buffs.  Overall the Pioneer Airport felt good, like a grass strip should.

Aeronca L with lots of antique engines and a Cub behind