Harlow Move to Seattle
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  Since the plane was in Oklahoma when I purchased it, I had to move it back home once Ron Decker finished with the firewall restoration.

Like most airplanes, the Harlow is not very heavy but it is somewhat unusual in that it has a one-piece wing, 36' long.  Most aircraft have their wings in two or more pieces that are shorter and more manageable.  To move the Harlow, a custom trailer was built and the wing placed on it lengthwise.

The wing is fairly heavy and awkward to lift, but a hoist and/or widely space forklift tines can pick it up.  The fuselage is light enough to lift with 3 people as it is just a thin shell.  Everything is secured to the trailer using cargo straps and the time-honored airplane moving tradition of old mattresses.  Here's the packing up with Joe Harris in Meno, Oklahoma.

Once everything was packed and strapped onto the trailer it looked like this:

There was also a loosely packed pickup truckbed full of smaller parts, such as wingtips, instrument panels, miscellaneous hardware, a Curtiss-Reed propeller, a cowling spinning, and a disassembled Warner 145 engine.

On the road the trailer pulled very well, although some sidewinds were encountered which tended to push around the fuselage and tail.

Everything made the trip with minimal damage.  Airplane and trailer are now in storage in Auburn Washington awaiting more restoration work.

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