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There aren't many Kinner projects or flyers that still exist.  Here is an inventory of projects and flyers that I know about.


N14288 - A Flyable Sportster B

This aircraft was long located on the west coast at Flabob, but has now moved to Connecticut.  It was damaged in the fall of 2004 but is being restored to flying condition.

In the paperwork for my aircraft, I found some very old photos of N14288 - at the time of the photos it still had the optional cabin cover.

N14218 - Flyable Sportster done up as a Sportwing

This is a Sportster, restored as a Sportwing with wheel pants.  You can tell that this isn't a real Sportwing because of the landing gear struts.

This aircraft was restored by Dale Miller, at Cable Airport in SoCal.  Dale has passed on and the aircraft is for sale as of Spring 2006.  Here is another photo website showing N14218.

N14201 - Flyable Sportster B

Bill Mette has been restoring this Sportster for many years.  As of 2005 it is now flying!

Photo by Brian Moffet


N13700 - My project, currently in storage in Renton and Seattle, Washington.

N14224 - Probably the Sportster shown on this web page.  It was formerly owned by the Antique Aircraft Airpower Museum, but it has been sold.

N727W - Russ Strine is restoring this airplane at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, Pennsylvania.  Here's a photo as of Fall 2004:

N13766 - A Sportster formerly owned by Gene Frank in Caldwell Idaho, now sold and being restored by Andrew King in Virginia as of Spring 2006.  Here's the state while it was still in Idaho.  The wings are fully assembled but not pictured.

Tim Talen has a Sportster project, stripped down but with wooden formers available, at Boulder Montana.

And there are a few other planes on the registry:  N100AA, N12299, and N7751C, of unknown status.