Adjustment for High Altitude Airport Operation
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IV. Adjustment For Continued High Altitude Airport Operation - For Model 220

Whenever the Aeromatic is to be operated from a field located at 5,000 feet altitude or over, a readjustment of counterweights should be made in order to increase the power made available by adjusting RPM to slightly under rated engine speed.  This adjustment is accomplished by removing counterweights to compensate for power losses in addition to the natural function of the Aeromatic to drop off slightly in RPM with altitude.

To pick up RPM losses sustained by increased altitude, consult the following data:

To Pick Up Remove Counterweight
50 RPM (1) No. 2965-2
100 RPM (1) No. 2965-3
200 RPM (1) No. 2965-4

Propeller regulation should be conducted as close to the field elevation as practical at full throttle level flight maximum air speed.

2.  Adjustment for High to Low Airport Operation

If operation is to be resumed at a lower altitude airport after the above adjustment for high altitude operation has been made, it is necessary to add the weights previously removed in order to prevent over-speeding of the engine.  Do not allow engine RPM to exceed the manufacturer's rated RPM at lower altitudes.

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