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V. Lubrication

The Aeromatic propeller is lubricated by a special lubricant which has been tested to assure good lubrication, also to protect the hub seals.  This 5M lubricant is available at all Aeromatic Service Stations, or a lubricant of equal quality may be obtained from your local Shell dealer, known as AeroShell oil 5M.

The Aeromatic propeller Models 220, 220-1, and 220H must be checked for lubricant every fifty (50) hours.

To check the lubricant or to add lubricant, turn the propeller to a horizontal position with the filler plug on the top side of the hub.  Remove the plug and fill with lubricant, using the special spout provided with each can of Aeromatic 5M lubricant.

Note:  Do not use high pressure lubricant guns because the seals may be damaged by excess pressure.

The Hi-Cruise thrust bearing should be lubricated every 25 hours with ANG-25 grease, Lubriplate No. 105 or Aero Shell grease No. 6 or No. 11.  A small amount of this lubricant should also be placed on the bronze hub bushing at the thrust plate.

Rotate the thrust bearing housing so that the cam slots on the mounting flange are exposed.  Apply a liberal amount of rocker arm grease to these cam slots.

During the first few hours of flight, white or gray streaks may appear on the blade shanks.  This does not indicate grease leakage; it is caused by assembly lubricant which was applied to the blade ferrules.  Wipe off with a soft cloth.

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